Sponsor boutique is a luxury, handmade jewelry brand based in Bulgaria. Our love of colors and semi precious gemstones make our jewelry easy to recognize. Each piece of jewelry is finished to the highest standards, with hand selected materials to ensure it is unique.

Our purpose is to connect with our customers and make everyone feel as special as they truly are. We focus on creating a different kind of jewelry, one that can show the world your true self and can transform the most simple dress in a magnificent one.

You make our jewelry special because this is who you are!

We believe that any women shine because of her smile but we can make this smile  even brighter with our jewelry!  

Жената и правото й на бижута

Всички момичета сме чували прословутата фраза на Кари Брадшоу „Жената и правото й на обувки”. Вдигаме и двете си ръце ‚за’ това изконно женско право, само че ръцете, които вдигаме в пристъп на спонтанна съпричастност са с бижута.


Пръстени и гривни – красиви, дръзки, секси, семпли, нежни, женствени, ярки, блестящи, фини…. Като нас, като теб, като различните ‚ние’, в различните моменти от безкрайната палитра наречена „женски настроения”.


On Monday I am getting out of the house and what I need is a brooch, bright and unique!


Tuesday is sunny, I am wearing a short-sleeves and my wrists are covered with bracelets, not one! I love plenty of them all colorful and one of of kind.


Wednesday is my Ponytail day and I am wearing my new earrings. I love to pull my hair up so my earrings shine even more.

Thursday and Friday

Thursdays and Fridays are my days! On this days I wear my chokers, before meeting my girls on Thursday evening I will put my “Crystal choker” or “Celebrity” or “Explosion” or….. I can never decide which one!


Saturday is the day for my Man. I don’t need brooch, earrings or choker on this day, all I need is Necklace-bright, alluring, sparkling, exquisite…. but never simple!

А в неделя ли?

В неделя излизам без бижута, защото не трябва да забравяме, че блестим и без тях.