Please read these General Terms and Conditions carefully before using the online store.

Sponsor-botique. com shall be run by an administrator and shall be used
by the Users in compliance with the terms and conditions described
hereunder. This document shall be binding. It shall have the compulsory
nature of an agreement and shall be applicable across all versions and
devices through which the services of the www. sponsor-botique. com
online store are being offered. Accessing, browsing, or using the online
store on the part of the User shall be construed to mean that the User
accepts and agrees with the General Terms and Conditions. If you do not
agree with these terms and conditions or particular clauses included
therein, please do not use the sponsor-botique. com online store.

Table of Contents:



GTC: General Terms and Conditions of use of the
Online Store.
Online Store: the website with the URL
We, Supplier, Sponsor botique shall refer to Sponsor EOOD, the owner of
the Online Store.
Administrator shall refer to the Sponsor EOOD for-profit company which

runs/maintains the website and the platform. You can reach us at 089 300
User: an individual or entity using the services or resources of the Online
Services: All services offered by the Administrator or his partners and
agents and made available to the Users via the
Online Store.
The term Personal Data shall be used as defined in the Personal Data
Protection Act (PDPA) and the European legislation.
GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS shall refer to this document. By
clicking on any link, button or application located on the Site, with the
exception of the link taking you to these General Terms and Conditions,
you expressly and irrevocably accept and agree with these General Terms
and Conditions of use of the Website.


The Online Store is property of Sponsor EOOD, a
company registered in the Republic of Bulgaria having its registered
address at 13 Hristo Botev St., village of Vakarel, registered with the
Records Agency with Company ID Number (EIK) 204089557, e-mail The Company’s registered address is 3-5
Bogatitsa St., Sofia, tel.: 089 300 9103.


1. This document contains the General Terms and Conditions or the
Conditions of Use for These GTC shall constitute the
legal agreement between the Administrator and the User detailing the
terms of use of the Online Store. Accepting and agreeing with the GTC
shall be a mandatory prerequisite for using the Website.
2. The GTC shall take effect the instance the User has used the Site for
the first time and shall apply to each and every subsequent visit and use
of the Online Store.

3. The dealings between the Users and the Administrator regarding the
use of the website shall be regulated exclusively by
the provisions of the GTC, the Personal Data Protection Policy and any
other applicable rules and guidelines drafted and published on the Site by
the Administrator which shall constitute an integral part of the GTC.


1. The website is an online store property of Sponsor
EOOD used by it to offer the products provided by the Company. The
Website shall offer information and, pursuant to these General Terms and
Conditions, the possibility of making online orders and delivery of the
products offered at the Online Store set up by Sponsor EOOD. These
General Terms and Conditions shall inform the Users of their rights and
the restrictions and liabilities applicable to them with regard to using the
information on the website/Online Store. Each User using the Website
shall be bound by the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions
from the instance he or she visits the website till the time he or she leaves
it. Sponsor EOOD shall reserve the right to make amendments to the data
and the General Terms and Conditions with no obligation of having to
announce them beforehand, and the amendments in question shall
become binding for the Users as of having been published.

2. The Supplier shall use the Online Store to publish:
a) Pricing information, basic information regarding the products, and
additional information meant to enable Users to make an informed
decision when purchasing a product. shall not be
liable for any inaccuracies in the description of the products. Sponsor- makes no claims to the effect that the information provided
by it is exhaustive.
b) Product prices quoted in Bulgarian Leva. Where several variations of a
product exist, the Website shall quote prices for each one. Sponsor- shall be entitled at any time and without prior notice to
introduce changes to the published products, prices, and other product
characteristics and Users shall be deemed duly informed of any such
changes as of the day on which the changes in question have been
published. The information about a certain part of the products published

may not be up to date. However, Users shall be informed in all cases
(when ordering through the Website) of any obsolete product information
published on the website pertaining to the products ordered. Pat of the
information published on the Website may refer to products and services
which are not offered any more or are currently unavailable.
c) Information relating to Users’ rights including the terms and conditions
for cancelling and returning products in addition to the terms and
conditions for doing so provided in the Consumer Protection Act.

d) Information relating to payment and delivery methods.
e) Any other information the Supplier is required to provide to the User in
due time prior to purchasing any product under Bulgarian Law.
The information services offered through the website are provided in the
way they have been published. shall not be liable for
the accuracy of the information published and makes no representations
or guarantees as to the timeframes for delivering information relating to
orders completed by the User, the status of his or her or other Users’
inquiries, questions, and comments regarding products, product
availability, and claims for sustained damages and/or opportunities
foregone and other losses of any nature and extent arising from, as the
result of, or due to the use or inability (due to technical difficulties,
prophylactics, Administrator’s judgment calls, etc.) to use the Website.


1. Orders can be made from any section of the website where products
are published. Each product page shall contain a description of the
product, additional information, one or more images of the product, and
the product’s price. The prices shall be quoted in Bulgarian Leva and shall
be for one unit of the product. The listed price shall not include the
delivery costs and any payment charges, if any. Upon accepting an order,
the order price shall be increased to include the cost of delivery and the
payment charges, if any.

2. Users shall be entitled to order any and all of the products featured on
the Online Store. The User shall be entitled to
change his selected products at any time before the final confirmation of
the order by completing the online purchase order. When registering
and/or making an order the User shall be required to provide basic
information depending on the options offered on the website. The
provision of the following information shall be mandatory: first and last
name, address, city, country, province, telephone number, password and
an e-mail for confirmation of the order made by the User. Failure to fill in
the feedback spaces or the publication of erroneous, incorrect, or
inaccurate information shall not establish an obligation for the Supplier to
execute the order and make a delivery.
3. Completing a purchase shall require the successful completion of
several stages including adding products to the shopping cart, filling in the
required delivery information, and sending the product order to the
Supplier. The User shall undertake to confirm his agreement with the
order and any and all details included in it. The User shall also confirm
that the electronic communication satisfies his or her requirements under
law and that he or she accepts it as equivalent to the information the User
could have received as a hard copy or could have heard over the
telephone. By clicking on the Confirm button, the User performs an action
which is an expression of his will and binds him or her contractually as it
does Sponsor EOOD in accordance with the provisions of this document
and the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act.
Given the speed of product turnover, there is a possibility that certain
products and accessories listed and featured in the Online Store may
happen to be unavailable for order and delivery via the Online Store. shall in all cases undertake to confirm its
ability/inability to deliver products ordered through the Online Store. shall be entitled to change the prices listed on the
Website as it deems fit at any moment and without having to notify the
Users first. Users shall be obliged to pay the price that was listed on the
Website at the time of completing the order irrespective of whether it
happens to be higher or lower than what is currently listed. Where the
information published on the Website contains any errors making it
impossible to execute an order, shall be entitled to

refuse to execute the order without incurring any obligations to the User
besides having to refund any sums paid or deposited by the User with
regard to the cancelled order, if any.
4. Paying for product purchases. When the ordered products are to be
paid for in cash upon delivery, Users shall pay the full price of the
products in question, as stated in the order confirmation, at the time of
delivery by or its representative/subcontractor
tasked with making the delivery.


1. Users shall be granted the option of having the ordered product
(products) delivered directly to the address provided by them via courier
service or picking it up in person at Sponsor OOD’s store in Sofia.
!!!!The courier service and shipping costs shall not be included in the price
of the products. They shall be calculated separately depending on the
pricing of the selected courier service, provided the User has been given
the chance to find out what that cost would amount to at the time of
making his or her order.

2. The delivery timeframe for products ordered shall be 2 to 5 business
days. Usually, deliveries will be made between the hours of 09:00 and
15:00 on business days and between 10:00 and 12:00 hrs. on Saturdays.
deliveries using the courier services of Ekont will be announced via short
text messages sent to the telephone number stated by the User in his or
her order.
3. The cost of delivery shall vary depending on the delivery address and
the number of products included in the order. shall be entitled to request additional order
confirmation by Users including over the phone, via fax or e-mail. Where a
User has declined to provide information requested by sponsor- such decline shall be grounds for an automatic cancellation of
the order with or without additional notice to the User.
4. shall not be held liable for any delivery delays for
reasons beyond its reasonable control such as delays on the part of the

courier service tasked with the delivery. Upon delivery the User and/or his
or her authorized representative shall inspect the products carefully.
Where obvious external defects have been observed upon delivery, such
as impact- or other types of damage, the User shall be required to fill out
a Damage Report in the presence of the courier detailing the defects the
User has discovered and to notify immediately by
calling the following number: 089 300 9103.
Where the User has accepted delivery with no objections, any subsequent
claim for obvious external defects in the products shall be deemed
groundless and shall therefore be rejected. Where the User has failed to
fill out and execute a Damage Report upon delivery and in the presence of
the courier and/or has failed to notify immediately
by calling 089 300 9103, the User shall forfeit their right to have any
discovered external defects remedied in accordance with the provisions of
the sales agreement.
5. Where the User has entered an incorrect or incomplete address, contact
person, and/or contact number in his or her order,
shall have no liability for incorrectly executed deliveries due to erroneous
information provided by the User.
Upon handover the User or his or her third-party representative shall be
required to sign the documents that come with the delivery. The term
third-party representative shall refer to any person other than the one
named in the Order who accepts delivery of the items at the delivery
address stated by the User.
6. Where the User has not been found at the delivery address as stated by
the User within the timeframe for executing the delivery or where access
to the delivery address has not been provided, shall
be released from the obligation to deliver the ordered products and the
User shall forfeit the opportunity to have the ordered products delivered.
7. shall reserve the right to appoint/change the
subcontractor tasked with delivery without having to notify the User in
advance, provided this does not affect the manner in which the delivery is
to be made or its execution timeframe. shall make deliveries via subcontractors only within
the Republic of Bulgaria.


Users shall have the right to return products within the timeframes and
under the conditions provided for in Bulgarian Law and in particular the
Consumer Protection Act.
1. If a User is unhappy with his or her order, the User shall be entitled to
return the purchased items within 14 days of the date of delivery. The
refund process shall start upon Sponsor boutique’s having received and
accepted the returned products.
2. All direct costs related to the return of the products shall be borne by
the User.
3. Please make sure the returned items have not been used and are in the
state in which they have been delivered. Products which do not meet


The Supplier:
а) Shall be entitled to use links to other internet sites, sales resources,
and third-party services including electronic links to other websites in the
User profile;
b) Shall be entitled to send Users newsletters, brochures, etc. provided
the User has declared his or her willingness to receive such;
c) To collect and use information relating to his Users who have
registered. This information may include first name, middle name, last
name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and any other
information: provided in the course of the registration process; entered or
provided upon ordering, receiving, or using the Services provided by the

Supplier; volunteered with regard to any promotional events, raffles, and
competitions; and information from consumer polls, questionnaires, forms
and other. The Supplier shall use this information in accordance with the
requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act.
2. The Supplier:
a) Shall endeavor to maintain the information published in the Online
Store accurate and up to date, but shall make no representations as to
the accuracy and completeness of any such information;
b) Shall not be held liable for any failure on his part to provide access to
the Store, or for any failure to or delays in processing purchase orders
caused by circumstances beyond his control such as force majeure events,
fluke events, or problems in the world-wide web;
c) Cannot guarantee that access to the Site shall be undisrupted, timely,
secure or error-free where this proves beyond his capabilities, control, or
best intentions;
d) Shall not be held liable for any damages to the software, hardware or
telecommunication equipment or loss of data caused by materials or
resources sought, loaded, or used in any form or fashion through him;
e) Shall have neither the obligation nor the objective capability of
controlling the manner in which Users use the Store;
3. The User:
a) Shall enter a correct and valid telephone number, delivery address, and
an e-mail address for correspondence;
b) Shall pay the price of the goods ordered by him or her;
c) Shall pay the delivery costs except where they are covered by the
d) Shall accept delivery of the goods;
e) Shall exercise due care and shall undertake the necessary measures
reasonably required to keep his or her password safe;

f) Shall not disclose his or her password or the answer to his or her secret
question (if applicable) to third parties, and shall immediately notify the
Supplier of any unauthorized access or of the probability of such access
taking place;
g) Shall, given the specific mechanisms of the internet protocols and
password security protection procedures, end his or her User profile
sessions by clicking the EXIT button;
h) Shall not submit fictitious or invalid orders and other false information.
The User shall be solely responsible for the security of his or her password
and shall be liable for any and all actions undertaken by him or any third
parties through the use of such password;
4. The User:
а) Shall, unless prevented to do so by circumstances beyond the
Supplier’s control such as force majeure, fluke events, or problems in the
worldwide web, be entitled to access the Supplier’s site in online mode
provided he or she adheres to the conditions and requirements for access;
b) Shall be entitled to access and amend his or her own information in
online mode;
c) Shall be entitled to refuse taking delivery of any goods ordered by him
or her in accordance with the provisions of the Law (the Obligations and
Agreements Act, the Consumer Protection Act and any other applicable
Bulgarian law);
d) Shall be entitled to receive a full refund of any amounts unduly paid by
him or her.
5. The User:
a) Shall undertake to adhere to the terms and conditions for lodging
complaints and requesting returns or replacements (the published terms
and conditions of Online Store), and shall declare that he or she considers
themselves bound by these terms and conditions;

b) Shall abide by the provisions of the Bulgarian Law and the General
Terms and Conditions hereunder, the Internet Ethics Code, and the norms
of morality and decency;
c) Shall not infringe upon any third-party proprietary and non-proprietary
rights including any intellectual property rights;
d) Shall immediately notify the Supplier any time a violation in the use of
the store is committed or discovered;
e) Shall not use technical means or employ other technical approaches to
extract information resources or parts thereof belonging in the databases
of the Store to create his or her own database in an electronic or other
f) Shall not commit any acts classified as malicious within the meaning of
these General Terms and Conditions;
6. Any non-compliance on the part of the User with any of the conditions
accepted and agreed upon shall constitute grounds for the Supplier to
immediately and without prior notice cancel the User’s or any third-party’s
access to the User’s profile and shall entitle the Supplier to claim
compensations for any damages and losses which come as direct and
immediate result of the non-performance on the part of the User with the
obligations listed in the preceding paragraph. In cases such as these the
Supplier shall be entitled to involve the competent state authorities to
make sure the violation in question is going to be properly registered.
7. Upon termination of the Agreement the Supplier shall undertake to
deactivate the User’s profile and delete his or her password.
8. Users shall be entitled to request the deletion of their profiles at any
time. In cases such as the above profiles will be deleted only after all
validly submitted orders have been executed and all amounts due,
including delivery costs, have been paid.
9. Users of the website shall not perform any actions which violate the
generally accepted rules for communication and interaction, commit any
malicious acts, or distribute viruses etc. which infringe upon or violate any
third-party rights and interests.

10. Users shall not act in bad faith and make orders on behalf of other
persons without their knowledge. Users shall be entitled to make use of
the Website’s resources freely within the limitations described in these
General Terms and Conditions as well as any other commonly applicable
restrictions. 154796
11. The sections of the Website designated for User purchases require
certain information to be submitted and collected. It is necessary for
processing User orders. Sponsor EOOD shall not use this information in
any way other that what has been set forth and detailed in these General
Terms and Conditions making sure its confidentiality is guaranteed.
Sponsor EOOD shall not be held liable for any accidental omissions related
to the accuracy of the information on its Website as well as with any
product information provided by manufacturers and/or importers; The
Company shall be free from any liability for any consequences, including
possible damages, arising from or related in any way to accessing or using
this Site; the Company shall have no liability with regard to the integrity
of the information on the Website with regard to any computer viruses or
other threats.
12. The information published on the Website complies with the provisions
of the applicable law and its use by the Users is voluntary and of their own
13. Sponsor EOOD shall have no liability with regard to the completeness,
validity and the nature of the information contained on sites to which
there are links (hyperlinks). Sponsor EOOD shall not be liable for any
potential damages incurred by the User in the course of using the Services
offered on the website.
14. Sponsor EOOD does not guarantee the smooth and uninterrupted
access to Sponsor EOOD shall not be liable for any
sudden out-of-stocks.
15. Sponsor EOOD shall not be liable for any delays or non-performance
caused by circumstances beyond the control of the Company.
16. Sponsor EOOD shall exercise due diligence and care in the course of
performing his obligations to the User.


Users shall be able to ask questions, make inquiries, and get advice online
from using the Question/Inquiry Form or from
company associates by calling 089 300 9103 within business hours (10:00
to 18:0 hrs. Monday through Friday).
These General Terms and Conditions may be updated at any time and
their publication on the Website shall be deemed tantamount to providing
official notice to the Users. By using the Online Store
you accept and agree with all rules, terms, and conditions.
These General Terms and Conditions and Customer Service Rules by
Sponsor EOOD/Supplier shall supersede any pre-existing rules and
regulations and shall take effect the day they have been published.